Rate Card

Honest Billing, Reliable Support

Level 1 Engineer (Remote) $70 per hour (ex GST) Software Repair, Office 365 Installation/Troubleshooting, Software Diagnostic, Remote Troubleshooting.
Level 2 Engineer (Remote) $90 per hour (ex GST) Specialised Hardware and Software Issues where remote support is possible. Local Mail Servers and Remote Server Maintenance and Repair, Server Issues, Active Directory Advanced Support.
Level 2 Engineer (On Site) $90 per hour + $50 call out fee (ex GST) Physical Hardware Issues where on site support is required. Examples: PBX, Local Mail Servers and On Site Server Maintenance and Repair, On Site Hardware Installation, Server Issues.

We charge our fees honestly in blocks of 30 minutes, meaning that a small issue can cost as little as $35+GST.

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